My visit to Masjid al-Aqsa, Palestine

I’ve always wondered if I will ever be able to visit Masjid al-Aqsa and like many, I was very sceptical. ‘Is it safe to travel there?’ was one of my basic concerns. We hear news of conflicts in and around al-Aqsa, see videos of our Palestinian brothers and sisters getting arrested, shot or worse. It was because of these incidents that I was wary of visiting Masjid al-Aqsa despite the immense virtue of travelling and praying there. However, it was when Mr Trump announced his decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel did something wake up inside of me, a feeling that I had never felt before with regards to Masjid al-Aqsa. As if someone was snatching something away from me that belonged to me. It was then that I decided that no matter what happens I have to visit the blessed lands. I came across an ad on Facebook that Ayyman Group was visiting the Masjid and contacted Sheikh Nagib and the rest is history. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

With regards to my tour and Ayyman group, I have to say that I had an excellent experience. Everything was very well organised and on point. The transport, hotel, breakfast, dinner you name it. Our tour guide in Palestine; Sheikh Saleh, (May Allah bless him in his endeavours) was a key figure in delivering the message of the Palestinian cause and at times it was hard to fight back the tears after witnessing some of the things we saw. The Palestinian people are probably some of the bravest people I’ve met. It is amazing to see how positive they are, particularly the children in the orphanage who continued to smile despite some really harsh experiences they had gone through.

As for the Masjid itself, feelings can’t be expressed in words. You really have to visit yourself to know. If anybody is considering visiting al-Aqsa I would definitely recommend Ayyman Group. You will not be disappointed. Above all, this is a spiritual journey that will teach patience, gratitude and compassion.

I want to thank Sheikh Nagib for facilitating this amazing journey. Sheikh Saleh for being and excellent tour guide and last but not least my fellow companions, namely Kashif bhai, Oli, Salman, Mahbub, Waqar, Maqbul, Abdul Mu’id and our Amir Sab Sheikh Anas.

p.s I know at least a few of you will be disappointed why I mentioned you in this order but believe it or not I love you all equally. Some more equal than others. ??

Jazaakumullah khair for the constant laughs and keeping things upbeat all the way throughout the journey. I would definitely like to embark on more journeys with you guys.

Mohammed Abdullah – Birmingham (03 February 2018)

I have got nothing but praise for Ayyman group, who took us to Jerusalem. I took my family with me including 4 children and they are all under 10 years of age. I was expecting this visit to be challenging in many different ways but effective communication, patience and leadership of people related to Ayyman group made the visit one of the best experiences we ever had. All the arrangements at any point were much beyond expectations. I am more than happy to recommend Ayyman group to anyone.

Mr M N Ashraf – Walsall (May 2016 Group)

The May Al Aqsa group was an absolutely privilege to be a part of. It is the best group I’ve been involved in and I’ve been part of quite a few. From the fantastic Hashimi Hotel and its staff and food to the guided tours with Sheikh Saleh, and the all inspiring Sister Abeer’s speech it has been an absolute honour to have had this opportunity. To top it all off the visit to the orphanage was a humbling experience. That’s even before I’ve marvelled at the al aqsa sanctuary itself. A truly wonderful experience.

Regards Tufayl – Luton (May 2016 Group)

The journey to the blessed land Masjīd al-Aqsā with Ayyman group was absolutely fantastic. They are well organises group and before the departure I was given a step by step mandatory guideline for each day what we will be going through which was very helpful and much appreciated. It was my first time going with this group and I have experienced alot things that inspired me for going again with the same organisation and I would recommend for other’s to go.

My suggestions and opinon of going I found it very privileged and comfortable of going with the Ayyman group. First of all, the group it self are very welcoming and organised. The hotel facility was good and the location was perfect, centralised within the vicinity of the scared blessed land. The food was absolutely spot on, it’s not something we eat every day. The Sheikh and his networks were very helpful in contributing their experience and knowledge to us, and for educational purpose it’s very inspiring.

I honestly felt to be part of the group and very grateful that I found a genuine group to go along with to the blessed land. My main purpose of going there was to worship in the blessed Mosque in Bait-ul- Maqdis.

The brothers and sisters who went with us from different parts of UK, i have to say , they were the best group and very compatible. They were very friendly, humble and very patient and we had a good discussion, we went to different locations and experienced the history behind the blessed land.

Special thanks to:

The Sheikhs of Masjīd al-Aqsā, The Sheikh of Hashimi Hotel, Sister Abeer, the tour Guide and the chef I’d like to personally thank them for their support and the main organiser Sheikh Nagib Khan.

By the will and permission of Allah I would like to go again in future with this group and would recommend it to others to tag along.

Mohammad Aziz – Luton (May 2016 Group)

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